$10 treatments for POCA members, May 10th-20th!

POCA (aka The People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture) is a co-op for everyone with a stake in making affordable acupuncture widely available. You can join for as little as $25 USD (about $32 CAD). Reasons to join include:

  • $10 treatments at GCA from May 10th-May 20th
  • 3 “first free treatment” cards for you or a friend (In other words, you can bring 3 new friends to GCA for free, or use the cards yourself on first visits to other POCA clinics)
  • A free treatment at any POCA clinic in the week of your birthday
  • Supporting the spread of community acupuncture! (Did you know that GCA would not exist without POCA?)

You can join up online or on your next visit to GCA. (Please be patient if it is at a busy time.) If you’re already a member, email us your membership receipt and we’ll make a note on your file of the date you joined. Thanks for supporting POCA!

The circular POCA logo, in black and white, featuring a line drawing of a lazyboy recliner in the middle and "People's Organization of Community Acupuncture" around the edges.

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