Stress, insomnia

Does your mind start racing as soon as you turn out the light to go to sleep? Do you wake up in the night with your heart pounding, struggling for air? Or, maybe you’ve just gotten used to a constant level of tension.

Almost everyone we treat experiences stress as a factor in their health. Whether or not this is your main health concern, acupuncture can help your nervous system to cope with stress factors more easily. Each acupuncture treatment supports your body reaching a state of calm.

Many people deal with chronic stress and/or insomnia as a result of traumatic experiences. Community acupuncture is designed to be safer for people with current and/or past traumas. Guelph Community Acupuncture is a trauma-informed clinic.

We recommend: Treatments depend on the degree to which stress and/or insomnia is disrupting your life. If you just need to unwind on a regular basis from a stressful job or very busy life, then ongoing treatments once a week will probably work well for you. If you’re not sleeping well, or getting tension headaches or anxiety attacks, then we will probably recommend you start by coming in three times a week for a week or two, and then tapering down to once a week as you feel better. Many people make weekly acupuncture a healthy habit (we sure do!)



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