Lessons from Hospice: Total Pain and Community Acupuncture

Feb 25 2021
by Stef Cordes & Lisa Baird
A person in a surgical mask and red hoodie and a person with long dark hair and cloth mask look at each other. The person with long dark hair leans back in a recliner covered with a yellow sheet.

According to Cicely Saunders’ concept of total pain, you cannot properly treat a person’s physical pain without addressing their other kinds of pain. In our experience at GCA we have also found that you can provide relief for one kind of pain by treating another kind of pain.

What should I do during acupuncture?

Feb 22 2021
by Lisa Baird

Lately, when someone asks what they should do during acupuncture treatment, I’ve been suggesting Daydream! which is to say, allow yourself to drift into wordless states. If you can. There are other options.

Jobs at GCA

May 23 2019
by Lisa Baird

Interested in being a practitioner at GCA? We are not currently hiring, but here’s a description of the skills, capacities and attitudes we look for […]

Community Health Fair, November 17th!

Nov 09 2018
by Lisa Baird

Save the date for the 5th annual Community Health Fair on November 17th from 1-4pm! The fair is a free, drop-in event aiming to increase access to resources and services related to health and wellbeing for immigrants, refugees, migrant workers and international students and visitors, but it’s open to everyone. There will be interactive displays and information related to education, housing, employment, settlement, language services, food security, physical, emotional and mental health and more. There will be also food, childcare, and language support. 

Jaw Problems

Mar 31 2018
by Stef Cordes & Lisa Baird
A practitioner sets a needle into a patient's wrist as the patient reclines in a lazyboy. Two other sleeping patients are visible in the background.

The temporomandibular joint (also known as the TMJ) is a hinge connecting the jaw to the skull. There’s one in front of each ear. They […]

$10 treatments for POCA members, May 10th-20th!

May 08 2016
by Lisa Baird
The circular POCA logo, in black and white, featuring a line drawing of a lazyboy recliner in the middle and "People's Organization of Community Acupuncture" around the edges.

$10 treatments for POCA members, May 10th-20th! Read on for more details …

POCA’s Fall Membership Drive

Oct 06 2015
by Lisa Baird

People ask us all the time if there’s a community acupuncture clinic in _____ (insert Hamilton, Kitchener, Halifax or some other major Canadian city here) […]

We won an award!

Sep 22 2015
by Lisa Baird
The logo for The Rhyze Project

We came in 2nd last night at the Rhyze Awards!

Community herb workshops at GCA, May 30th & June 6th!

May 24 2015
by Lisa Baird
An assortment of dried herbs in clear plastic bags, and many rows of salves and ointments in jars.

We’re excited about hosting these upcoming community herb workshops: “Intro to Ayurveda” and “Herbal Care for Down There”.

Guest Post by Amelia Meister: Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

Jan 13 2015
by Lisa Baird

Trauma-sensitive yoga is a gentle, body-centered practice that helps people who have experienced trauma to reconnect with their bodies, while giving them a great opportunity […]