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What are ear seeds?

While I don’t think that ear seeds are quite as immediately effective as auricular acupuncture, I have observed that they work well enough that people ask for them again and again. A common question from regular patients is “Are my ear seeds still in?”

Jobs at GCA

Interested in being a practitioner at GCA? We are not currently hiring, but here’s a description of the skills, capacities and attitudes we look for…

Community Health Fair, November 17th!

Community Health Fair, November 17th!

Save the date for the 5th annual Community Health Fair on November 17th from 1-4pm! The fair is a free, drop-in event aiming to increase access to resources and services related to health and wellbeing for immigrants, refugees, migrant workers and international students and visitors, but it’s open to everyone. There will be interactive displays and information related to education, housing, employment, settlement, language services, food security, physical, emotional and mental health and more. There will be also food, childcare, and language support.