We will not comment on your weight or monitor your size

We know that weight stigma causes terrible harm ♦ We don’t think foot pain, back pain, depression, asthma or any other health issue is necessarily caused by someone’s weight ♦ We’ve treated thousands of thin people with chronic pain and thousands of fat people with no pain ♦ We don’t think weight loss will automatically improve any health condition ♦ We know that the BMI is bad science but is still used to shame people and deny care ♦ We know that diet culture and anti-fat bias are rampant in “wellness” communities and are barriers to health care for all bodies ♦ We know that people of all sizes suffer from disordered eating ♦ We recognize that humans have always existed in a diversity of shapes and sizes ♦ We are doing our best to welcome a wide range of bodies to this clinic

You are welcome to download and reproduce this poster.

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