GCA’s 10th Birthday

GCA turns 10 on Feb 2nd! Thank you to every one of you who’s made this possible. In honour of the clinic’s 10th birthday, here are the Top 10 Things I Love About GCA

  1. Meeting interesting new people all the time. There is no such thing as a boring person; everyone is interesting given the right context.
  2. Hearing about people’s lives opening up as pain recedes.
  3. Seeing people’s faces soften as they relax.
  4. Hearing “I slept through the night.”
  5. Someone asking: “Do you dip the needles in some kind of drug?” (Has only happened twice. Was amazing both times.)
  6. Finding out that a patient who I thought didn’t like me, actually does like me. (They were just grumpy! It wasn’t about me!) (It’s never about me.)
  7. Learning new things that acupuncture can help with (in 2022 I added “post-viral infection brain fog” and “post-viral infection acute joint pain” to that list).
  8. Noting my own mood improve as the treatment room fills up. This is a great job for a moody person.
  9. The plants. There are over 40 of them now. They’ve never been happier. 
  10.  This one’s a secret. Some things are private.

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