Guelph Community Acupuncture is hiring!

Thursday, May 23rd, 2019

by Lisa Baird

We need someone to cover an 8.5 month parental leave, starting in December 2019, with the possibility of staying on permanently. We are hoping for a long-term relationship with whomever we hire, but we are open to someone who can only commit for the 8.5 months. (This would be excellent experience for a new graduate wanting to get a lot of experience right away.) 

This is a position for a paid employee, not an independent contractor. Pay structure is commission, or hourly, whichever works out to be more—i.e., the busier you are, the more you earn, but if a snowstorm keeps all our patients away, you still get paid that day. 

We are looking for:

  • Someone licensed to practice acupuncture in Ontario, i.e. a registered acupuncturist or registered naturopathic doctor. (Note that this position is only to do acupuncture. An ND working at GCA will only do acupuncture at GCA.)
  • Someone available to do four 5.5-6 hour shifts per week, including some mornings, evenings and Saturday mornings
  • Someone with some familiarity with harm reduction and trauma-informed care and interested in learning how they apply to community acupuncture practice
  • Someone trained in distal style needling, or, very motivated to learn
  • Someone willing to start treating at four patients per hour (don’t worry, we’ll train you) and work up to six patients per hour within three months
  • Someone with a genuine desire to be busy and treat a lot of people
  • Someone enthusiastic about making acupuncture more accessible by working in a high-volume, low-cost model
  • Someone able to work independently while also being a part of a team
  • Someone punctual, with excellent communication skills, patience, dependability and healthy boundaries, who is able to connect easily and quickly with other people 
  • Someone who has experienced community acupuncture, as a patient in a community acupuncture clinic.

Major bonuses would be:

  • Someone local, ie living in Guelph or very close by
  • Someone ready to start earlier as a sub, covering shifts as needed
  • Someone with experience working in customer service, especially serving in busy restaurants or bars
  • Someone who’s already studied distal needling with Dr Richard Teh-Fu Tan or one of his students
  • Someone experienced with doing group acupuncture (either in a community acupuncture clinic or in a NADA setting)
  • Someone who’s read Punking: The Praxis of Community Acupuncture (downloadable here; if we hire you, we’ll definitely ask you to read it)
  • Someone with a familiarity with Jane App (our online booking and EHR system)

If this sounds like you, make our day and send your resume and cover letter to info(at)

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