A conversation with my five-year old shortly after the latest photoshoot at GCA:

K: “Mama, what’s that? Is that pictures of your clinic?”

Me: “Yes sweetie, that’s me, and those are my patients.”

K: “You’re doing acupuncher.”

Me: “That’s right.”

K: “Why are those people there?”

Me: “Well, some of them have hurt knees or hurt backs. And acupuncture helps them not hurt.”

K: “What else?”

Me: “Um, well, sometimes when someone hits their head really hard, their head hurts for a long time and they feel barfy and bright lights hurt their eyes. Acupuncture helps with that too.”

K: “What else?”

Me: “Lots of other stuff!”

K: “Why do they have their eyes closed? Are they sleeping?”

Me: “Well, acupuncture makes most of them feel relaxed and sleepy. And a lot of grown-ups have a hard time resting, so it’s really good that they can have a rest at the clinic.”

K: “What’s that?”

Me: “It’s a cart, it holds my needles and cotton balls and –”

K: “Can I come to your clinic and ride in the cart??”

A masked practitioner leaning down to set needles into a masked patient's wrist as the patient leans back in a recliner with eyes closed. To the right and left of the patient are two more masked patients with eyes closed leaning back. Above there are two long shelves with plants, and above the plants is a the lower border of a white filmy curtain.

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