What are ear seeds?

A close up of someone with a slight smile and a blue headband, holding a pair of tweezers. The blurry thing held by the tweezers is an ear seed.

That blurry little thing in the tweezers is an ear seed!

Ear seeding is traditionally done by taping the ripe seeds of the vaccaria plant onto acupoints on the ears, but ear “seeds” can also be made of ceramic or metal. At GCA I use teeny magnets plated in silver and stuck on with clear tape. 

While I don’t think that ear seeds are quite as immediately effective as auricular acupuncture, I have observed that they work well enough that people ask for them again and again. A common question from regular patients is “Are my ear seeds still in?”

My teachers taught me that as long as the metal is touching your skin, it’s activating the point, and you can strengthen the treatment by pressing on the point. They generally stay on for a few days before falling off. Ear seeds are a great option for someone who wants the benefits from ear points but is nervous about actual needles in the ear. Ear points treat a huge range of conditions and are among my favourites for treating stress, anxiety and depression. 

I love the ear seeds because they work, and patients can take the treatment home with them. Been doing a lot of ear seeds lately.

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