Stressed-out people get pregnant all the time

Jul 19 2019
by Stef Cordes & Lisa Baird
A women sets needles into a patient's leg while patient reclines with closed eyes in a recliner. Another patient sleeps in another in the background.

In case it’s reassuring: highly stressed-out people get pregnant all the time.

When you’re coming off hormonal birth control

Oct 05 2018
by Lisa Baird
Treatment room full of patients seated or reclined under red blankets in lazyboys. Standing practitioner covering patient with red blanket.

Given how hard people have had to fight for the right to control their own fertility, it feels complicated for us to raise concerns about any kind of hormonal birth control. We’re addressing this topic anyway, because we see so many patients whose health is impacted by hormonal birth control—often, in ways they didn’t expect and aren’t prepared for. We have seen community acupuncture help people dealing with unwanted side effects of various different kinds of hormonal contraceptives, including the Pill (during and after taking the Pill) Depo-Provera, Nuvaring, and hormonal IUDs.

Community Acupuncture For Fertility

Dec 27 2015
by Stef Cordes & Lisa Baird

Acupuncture is not a magical cure for infertility. What acupuncture can do is help bring your body into balance, restoring a healthy state of being, which will make you more likely to conceive and hold a viable pregnancy.