Stressed-out people get pregnant all the time

We treat a lot of people who are struggling to get pregnant. Most of them are stressed out about their fertility, for a variety of reasons. There’s the sense that the clock is ticking and they’re running out of time. There’s fear of “failure” and that they’ll never become a parent. Struggling to do something “natural” like conceiving can bring up intense feelings of inadequacy. Then there’s the monthly roller coaster ride of Am I Pregnant Or Is This Just PMS? And for some, there’s the stress of multiple medical appointments and (sometimes invasive) tests and procedures, along with the side effects of medications.

Added to all of these stressors is the pressure to NOT be stressed out because stress will negatively impact your chances of getting pregnant, right?? (OMG am I making cortisol instead of progesterone?)

We know how effective acupuncture is at making people feel calmer, more grounded, and less impacted by stress. And while we’re always in favour of managing stress as much as possible, we have seen many very stressed out fertility patients get pregnant and carry healthy babies to term. People often seem quite relieved to hear that. So it’s worth saying again: highly stressed-out people get pregnant all the time!

A women sets needles into a patient's leg while patient reclines with closed eyes in a recliner. Another patient sleeps in another in the background.
photo by David James Hudson

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