Blue Monday

On a blue background, a blue stone bearing the words Blue Monday

Today is Blue Monday, which some say is the most depressing day of the year in this part of the world. Other people say that’s baseless pseudoscience. But one thing I know for sure is that SO many patients have reported returning to work in January feeling exhausted by the holidays. Which is to say, if you are tired/bummed right now, you’re not alone. If it wasn’t for the invention of artificial light, we’d probably be sleeping twice as much this time as year. 

Deep winter is not such an appropriate time for new projects or big plans. It’s time to stay in bed longer, dream deeper, and wait for the light to come back. Or at least come for an acunap. You knew where I was going with that.

Here’s a seasonal reminder that acupuncture can help with depression — it reliably brings about relaxation and an increase in  endorphins. People regularly leave our clinic with a sense of inner peace and lifted spirits. Even when it’s been grey outside since forever.

If you have questions about how community acupuncture can help you get through the rest of this winter, please get in touch.

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