Community Acupuncture During “The Holidays”

Dec 05 2016
by Stef Cordes & Lisa Baird
A seated practitioner works on a patient's feet while the patient relines in a lazyboy; several other people sleep in recliners in the background.

Not everyone celebrates this time of the year. And the holidays can be incredibly isolating, especially at a time when family, celebration, and joy take centre stage in media, in stores, at work, and in our social circles. Even people who do enjoy this time of year often report feeling quite stressed in December. Community acupuncture can help.

Community Acupuncture for Trauma Recovery

Oct 14 2016
by Stef Cordes & Lisa Baird
9 recliners in a semi-circle, each with a patient resting under red blankets. Practioner seated on a small black stool giving a treatment to one patient.

Acupuncture is an excellent non-verbal therapy for the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Injury; you don’t have to tell us any details of the trauma in order to get help with its impacts.

Trauma-Informed Care & Community Acupuncture

Apr 22 2015
by Stef Cordes & Lisa Baird
Five people sleeping during acupuncture treatment, covered in red blankets, lying in recliners arranged in a semi-circle.

Given how widespread trauma is in our society, we know that many of our patients have trauma histories, whether or not they discuss it with us. Guelph Community Acupuncture is designed to be safer for people with current and/or past traumas.