…But what if I suffer from almost every condition  you’ve mentioned on this website?!

We hear this fairly often; sometimes an intake form becomes an overwhelming sea of check marks. When we see people going through periods of acute stress, and manifesting a wide variety of symptoms, we tend think of these as the body’s alarm system, saying “Slow down!” And other times, people are dealing with the accumulated stress of illness and injury over a period of years.

It’s also worth mentioning that because all the body’s systems are interrelated, as acupuncture helps with one problem, other things often come back into balance. It’s not uncommon, for example, for someone to report that their digestion got a lot better after we treated them for migraines. Or, for their sleep to improve while we’re treating them for eczema. In both cases, establishing a regular habit of deep rest in a recliner can be a major factor in becoming yourself again.

When it seems like everything is falling apart, physically, mentally and emotionally, acupuncture can be an excellent tool to slow down and start getting to the root of things.

What we recommend: If you are really struggling, we may ask you to come in three times a week for a few weeks. The process of supporting your body to heal itself can require patience and persistence. Once you start to get better, we’ll reduce the number of treatments per week.


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