POCA’s Fall Membership Drive

Oct 06 2015
by Lisa Baird

People ask us all the time if there’s a community acupuncture clinic in _____ (insert Hamilton, Kitchener, Halifax or some other major Canadian city here) […]

We won an award!

The logo for The Rhyze Project
Sep 22 2015
by Lisa Baird

We came in 2nd last night at the Rhyze Awards!

Support with Chronic Pain

Sep 17 2015
by Stef Cordes & Lisa Baird

Pain is the number one reason people come to us for treatment. Acupuncture has long been recognized as effective treatment for all kinds of pain, and our sliding scale ($20-$40) allows people to access regular treatment, which is necessary in order for acupuncture to be effective. We have three important things to say on the topic of treating chronic pain …

Community Acupuncture for Depression & Anxiety

Jun 29 2015
by Stef Cordes & Lisa Baird

Many things can cause depression and anxiety. A traumatic event, hormonal shifts, bereavement, chronic pain, prolonged lack of sleep, socio-economic struggles and living with oppression can all trigger or aggravate mild to severe depression as well as anxiety. Whatever the cause(s), community acupuncture can help.

Community Acupuncture for Concussion

A woman sleeping under a red blanket in the foreground; in the background a practitioner treating a patient in a black shirt reclining on a lazyboy by two jade plants.
May 20 2015
by Stef Cordes & Lisa Baird

Acupuncture can speed up recovery time from a concussion in several ways …

Trauma-Informed Care & Community Acupuncture

Five people sleeping during acupuncture treatment, covered in red blankets, lying in recliners arranged in a semi-circle.
Apr 22 2015
by Stef Cordes & Lisa Baird

Given how widespread trauma is in our society, we know that many of our patients have trauma histories, whether or not they discuss it with us. Guelph Community Acupuncture is designed to be safer for people with current and/or past traumas.

Mental Health Stigma & Community Acupuncture

A black & white stencil of eight silhouetted birds in flight, encircled by text reading "YOU ARE NOT ALONE".
Mar 26 2015
by Stef Cordes & Lisa Baird

by Stef Cordes and Lisa Baird Mental health challenges affect many of us. As many as 1 in 5 Canadians have been given a diagnosis […]

Support for People Doing Shift Work

Community acupuncture practitioner sitting on a stool in the GCA group treatment room, in front of a bearded patient relaxing in a recliner, while several other patients sleep in recliners covered in red blankets in a loose circle in the room.
Mar 17 2015
by Stef Cordes & Lisa Baird

Anyone who’s worked shift work knows that it can be hard on the mind and the body. The good news is, community acupuncture can help with a lot of the adverse effects of working weird hours …

Community Acupuncture for Heartbreak

A line drawing of a heart with a jagged crack down the middle, held together with three acupuncture needles, in recognition of how acupuncture can help with a broken heart.
Feb 12 2015
by Stef Cordes & Lisa Baird

“Can acupuncture help with a broken heart?” is a common question at GCA. The short answer is Yes.