5 treatments for $85! (Sale goes until July 23rd)

For a limited time, you can buy 5 treatments for $85. That’s a 15% savings on your acu-nap! There is a maximum of three packages per person, so we have three different payment options below; just click on the one you want. After we receive your order, we update your account and then your treatments are ready to use anytime you like. There’s no expiry on the treatments.

Individual packages cannot be divided up between two or more people, but you can buy packages for other people as gifts. Please use the comments box to tell us the first and last name of the person you’re buying the package for (even if it’s you) so we can record it in the correct patient file.

Treatment room full of patients seated or reclined under red blankets in lazyboys. Standing practitioner covering patient with red blanket.
photo by Vanessa Tignanelli