Do You Need a Family Doctor in Guelph?

These clinics are accepting new patients
(updated as of September 20, 2019)

Wyndham Medical 75 Wyndham St, (519) 265-4848
Monday- Thursday 9am-5pm and Friday 9am-4:30pm

Guelph North End Family Medical 83 Dawson Rd, Suite 211, (519) 780-0375
Monday to Friday 8:30am-12pm, 1pm-4pm

Dr. Rahil is currently accepting patients who live in Guelph and have no family doctor.
Edinburgh Medical 492 Edinburgh Rd S, (519) 265-6004
Monday-Friday 9am-7pm, Saturday 9am-3pm
*only admitting patients through walk-in clinic on Tuesdays from 9am-4pm and Thursdays from
11am-4pm with Dr. Abd El Mesih

Mango Tree Family Health Team 28 Brock Rd N, (519) 224-0540
Monday-Friday 9am-4pm
*Currently accepting new patients onto the waitlist. Please call or visit the website to fill out an application if you would like to be added to the waitlist.

Many doctors are prioritizing new patients through Health Care Connect, which is a registry
run by the Ontario Ministry of Health that connects you with the next available family doctor
in your area. You can register:
By Phone: 1-800-445-1822, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

Walk-in Clinics:

Edinburgh Medical 492 Edinburgh Rd S, (519) 265-6004
Monday-Friday 9am-7pm, Saturday 9am-3pm
*try to arrive 1 hour before close

Summerside Medical Clinic 175 Stone Rd W, (519) 780-8585
Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-1pm

Arkell Walk-In 403 Arkell Rd, Unit 4, (519) 822-7841
Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-7pm, Saturday-Sunday 10am-4pm

Speedvale Medical 334 Speedvale Ave E, Speedvale Plaza, (519) 822-0100
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 10am-2pm

Silvercreek Walk-In
105 Silvercreek Pkwy N, Unit 103, in Rexall Pharmacy, (519) 822-9363
*Hours vary, call first for updated wait times and hours

Gordon Walk-In 1499 Gordon St, Unit 1, in Pharmasave, (519) 265-6400
*Hours vary, call or check Facebook for up to date information: Gordon Walk-In

Midtown Urgent Care Clinic 175 Chancellor’s Way, Suite 104 (519) 837-1198
Tuesday-Friday 5pm-9pm, Saturday 10am-2pm
Telehealth (24 hour health advice from a registered nurse )1 866-797-0000