Sliding scale, demystified.

Most people have never encountered a sliding scale in the context of a clinic before. We get a lot of questions about how our sliding scale works, starting with:

  • What is a sliding scale?

It is a tool to help each person decide how much to pay for their treatment. We understand that everyone’s situation is different. We want you to be able to afford to come as often as you need for acupuncture to work for you.

  • Do I need to show you income verification?

No. Your personal financial details are your business, not ours.

  • Why do you you use a sliding scale?

Because we want to be as accessible as possible. Acupuncture is a therapy and usually requires a course of treatment in order to be effective. If someone has to spend their entire acupuncture budget on their first one or two treatments, then can’t afford to come back for months … then acupuncture just isn’t working for them.

  • Do I get more needles or more time if I pay more?

No. Good question. Everyone gets the same amount of care and attention, regardless of where they pay on the scale.

  • How can you afford to charge so little?

Because we see lots of people. We’re here to make acupuncture as accessible to as many people as possible.

At Guelph Community Acupuncture, your first treatment is $30-$60, and all treatments after that are $25-$50. You decide what you can afford, no questions asked.

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